Important Papers

Over the years there have been a number of GCF events and gatherings that have produced important papers, discussion documents and articles which offer significant insight into a number of matters. 

Many of these documents are available below. Except for the 2013 theological statement, ‘Our Unfolding Journey with Jesus Christ: Reflections on the Global Christian Forum Experience’ all are only available in English, as that is the language of their delivery. [‘Our Unfolding Journey’ is available in English, French and Spanish.]

Some of these document give a theological perspective on an issue or a concern to the GCF while others are reflections on the changing shape of world Christianity or on the nature of Christian unity, etc.

Below we have posted some of these papers and documents as a way of sharing their wisdom and insight. It is our hope that they will stimulate wider reflection and discussion on matters of great importance.

Consultation: Tirana (Albania), November 2015

  1. Discrimination, Persecution, Martyrdom: Following Christ Together
    Report (PDF, 32.5 MB)

2013 Theological Statement: 'Our Unfolding Journey With Jesus Christ: Reflections on the Global Christian Forum Experience.' Three language versions available to download:

Our Unfolding Journey (ENG).pdf

La evolución de nuestro (ESP).pdf

Notre Cheminement avec Jésus-Christ (FR).pdf 

Second Global Gathering: Manado (Indonesia), October 2011

  1. Witness and Unity in 21st Century World Christianity
    Dr. Dana L. Robert, Boston University School of Theology, USA
  2. Trends and Changes in World Christianity
    Rev. Sang-Bok David Kim, ThD, DD, DLitt, WEA Chairman
  3. Life Together in Jesus Christ, Empowered by The Holy Spirit
    Mrs. Michelle Moran, President of International Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services, UK
  4. Bearing Witness to Christ and to Each Other in the Power of the Holy Spirit
    Rev. Dr. K.M. George, Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church, India 
  5. World Christianity has a new address, a new look and many names
    An unprecedented change in location and composition of Global Christianity leads to profound realignment - Kim Cain Global Christian Forum – Communications Secretary

International Committee Meeting: Istanbul (Turkey), January 2011

First Global Gathering: Limuru (Kenya), November 2007

  1. Discerning What God is Doing among His People Today: A Personal Journal
    by Dr Wonsuk Ma, Oxford Centre for Mission Studies - Nov 2007, Nairobi, Kenya
  2. When East Meets West and North Meets South:
    The Reconciling Mission of Global Christianity (working draft) by Dr. Cheryl Jones
  3. “Words of Encouragement”
    by Rev. Dr Samuel Kobia, General Secretary of the World Council of Churches
  4. Bible Studies
    Learning from Paul to pray for one another (Ephesians 1: 15-23)
  5. Tribute to Dr. George Vandervelde - Mgr. John A. Radano, Pontifical Council for
    Promoting Christian Unity, member of the Committee on the Global Christian Forum.