Ongoing Oversight: Introduction

The Global Christian Forum is a unique space where church leaders reflecting the breadth, depth and width of global Christianity meet.

General oversight of the GCF is provided by an international committee of church and organizational representatives that reflects the breadth, depth and diversity of the GCF itself.

There is a mix of the Christian traditions and families that make up the Forum, as well a blend of people from the Global South and North, East and West.  [Go to GCF Committee for full information on the Committee, including the ecclesial traditions of the members.]

A 50/50 balance between representatives of Evangelical and Pentecostal traditions on the one hand, and those from Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant, and Anglican streams of the church on the other, is maintained as closely as possible.

Within the Committee a small Facilitation Group is in regular contact with the GCF Secretary to provide ongoing oversight for the work of the Forum.

[See Staff for information on other staff support for the Forum.]