Where we are going

The future directions of the Global Christian Forum were set by the participants at the two Global gatherings – the last one in Manado Indonesia in 2011. An ongoing program is overseen by an international committee.
The following ‘Activity Plan’ gives an indication of the directions the GCF is heading over the next few years. See also ‘How GCF engages with participants’ for a sense of the GCF ethos and style.

Activity Plan 2012-2016

  1. Convene or co-convene global conversations of church leadership to 'recognize in one another the marks of living faith in Christ' and to deal with issues which are a ‘common challenge’ to all Christians. 
    • Call to Mission and Perceptions of Proselytism: A Global Conversation
    • Discrimination, Persecution, and Martyrdom: Facing the Challenge Together
    • Third Global Gathering (Latin America, 2017)
  2. Consider with participant bodies a meeting of the 'highest leadership' of world churches.
  3. Facilitate regional consultations (Central and Eastern Europe, Francophone Africa, Latin America Pentecostal Forum, Latin America Consultation, Middle East).
  4. Make team visits to regions and countries.
  5. Provide tools to participants to enable regional, national, and local GCF-like initiatives.
  6. Convene a theological working group to reflect on and articulate the meaning of the ‘GCF Journey with Jesus Christ’ and its implications for the future.This task has been completed with the publication of ‘Our  Unfolding Journey with Jesus Christ: Reflections on the Global Christian Forum Experience’
  7. Continue to articulate the meaning of the ‘GCF Journey with Jesus Christ’ and its implications for the relationships (unity) of the churches. 
  8. Tend to relationships with participant bodies.
  9. Send delegations to world assemblies of participant bodies, such as:
    • Pentecostal World Conference, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, August 2013;
    • World Council of Churches, 10th Assembly, Busan, South Korea, Oct/Nov 2013
  10. Remain alert for possible new initiatives