Beatitudes in prayer

from Global Christian Forum, Committee meeting, Ghana November 2011

When the GCF committee gathers, praying and worshipping together are vital to the spiritual life of the committee members. During the Ghana gathering, Dr Ganoune Diop, who represents the Seventh Day Adventist community, offered the following reflection:

Reflections and Meditations on the Words of Jesus

-As Recorded in the Beatitudes of Matthew  Chapter 5-

Blessed are those who affirm their dependence on God
Those not addicted to materialism
God is our sufficiency

Blessed are those who come to God for comfort
Those not addicted to substitutes or substances to fill the longing of their inner beings
They do not by all means, and at all cost,
Shun the pain and suffering of the world
They wait on the Lord
God is our comforter

Blessed are the meek
Those not addicted to violence
They do not violate others’ integrity or dignity
To gain advantage of any kind
God is our supreme good

Blessed are those who seek righteousness
Those not addicted to injustice
They give to others their due
God is our righteousness

Blessed are the merciful
Those who open their hearts and hands
Those not addicted to revenge and grudge
God is our righteous judge and intercessor

Blessed are the pure in heart
Those not addicted to defilement and dirt
Their eyes are fixed on the Lord Jesus
God is our holiness

Blessed are the peacemakers, agents of reconciliation
They are not addicted to division, to hostility or war
They bring people together
God is our peace

Blessed are those persecuted because they chose Jesus, and His Cross,
His resurrection, His ascension, His session as High priest, and Coming as King of kings and Lord of lords, the center of their faith, hope and love.
They are not addicted to fame,
They who would rather be shamed than defame the character of the Savior
They who would rather lose their lives than betray the Lord of their lives
God is our Supreme Value, the desire of our hearts and minds.

In essence,

Blessed are those whose sufficiency is God
Those whose supreme value is God Himself
Those so fond of God, they dare live for Him

By Dr Ganoune Diop.

Representative of SDA at GCF
Director UN Relations
Associate Director Public Affairs and Religious Liberty
General Conference of SDA World Headquarters

Reproduced from GCF News, 1st edition 2013